From Station to Station @ Implantieren Festival


We are showing our new performance “From Station to Station” at the site specific performance festival IMPLANTIEREN 2018. The performance is celebrating the anniversary of 100 years of women’s rights in Germany and is questioning the status quo of feminism. We will take you on a tour with the S-Bahn 9 from Frankfurt am Main to Hanau and celebrate a HERstory of wonderful women* and stories.

Dates:  21.9. at 18.30h, 22.9. at 18.30h, 23.9. at 16.30h

Meeting point: Festivalzentrum François-Mitterand-Platz,  Frankfurt

Free entry, the public transportation ticket has to be purchased

From Station to Station gedenkt dem 100-jährigen Jubiläum des deutschen Frauenwahlrechts und befragt den Status Quo des Feminismus und der Frauenrechte. Wie die Frauenwahlrechtkämpfer*innen vor 100 Jahren bespielen The Kill Joys zusammen mit dem Publikum den öffentlichen Raum mit Musik, Tanz und Manifesten. Im Bahnhofsviertel und in der S-Bahn nach Hanau werden längst vergessene Geschichten und Held*innen ausgegraben und eine plurale HERstory gefeiert.

Olivia Hyunsin Kim, Magda Drozd (Musik, Performance, Konzept)


Gefördert durch das Kulturamt und das Frauenreferat der Stadt Frankfurt am Main und das Hessische Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kunst.


Looking for a female* or non-gender binary audio engineer/producer

Dear all, 

Currently we are looking for a female* or non-gender binary audio engineer/producer for our album recording, preferably in Berlin (or Zürich or in between) for Fall 2018, even Winter 2018/19. We work with digital and analog electronic elements, a drum machine, guitar and vocals. 

So far we haven’t had luck in finding someone (men seem to rule the scene…) and as we are a DIY feminist band, it would be important to find a female* or non-gender binary person to boost also visibility in the art/music world. We are also trying to make a data base of female*/non-gender binary audio engineers/producers, so in case you are not interested in producing us but want to participate in an archive let us now! 

We are sick of patriarchal shit and want to get rid of this shit! Through intersectional feminist power and solidarity, we want to dismantle patriarchy and its descendants once and for all.

We would be grateful for any leads or people who know people who could help us. 

Mail us:

You can find more info about our music on soundcloud:


The Kill Joys 

Schweizer Premiere von I AM NOT A JOKE (TAKE TWO) 22.-24. März Fabriktheater Zürich

Feministas, Friends, Lovers, Plants and Animals! Our new show “I AM NOT A JOKE (TAKE TWO)” is coming to Zürich! Please join our fight for equality and against the patriarchy. 22nd till 24th March at Fabriktheater Rote Fabrik Zürich! 8pm!

Ticket reservations:

We are looking forward to see you there!

LOVE, Happy Hour Hyunsin, Magic Mushroom Magda, Super Sonic Synthesizer, Double D Drummachine, Garage Grunge Guitar aka The Kill Joys



Picture: Christian Cattelan

we’ve done it… we recorded some songs!

Dear peeps, fighters, feministars, lovers and friends all around the world. We recorded some songs we made during the last year for you. As always it’s DIY style, low-fi and all self-made in our nomadic home studio. We hope that this year we will be able to record an album with some great female* producers to fight against the shit on a bigger scale! stay tuned and also come to our new show in March in Berlin (1.-3.3.2018) and Zürich (22.-24.3.2018)!

Watch out! Berlin we are coming!

We will premier our brand new show I AM NOT A JOKE (TAKE TWO) in Berlin 1st-3rd of March at English Theatre Berlin. We would be happy to see you there!

Save also the dates for our shows in Zurich at Fabrik Theater / Rote Fabrik March 22nd-24th of March.

We are looking forward to some intense rehearsing weeks to cut out the shit out of the shit!

1st March English Theatre Berlin, 8pm, Premiere, Tickets here
2nd March English Theatre Berlin, 8pm, Tickets here
3rd March English Theatre Berlin, 8pm, Tickets here

22nd March Fabrik Theater / Rote Fabrik, Zürich, 8pm, Schweizer Premiere, Tickets here
23rd March Fabrik Theater / Rote Fabrik, Zürich, 8pm, Tickets here
24th March Fabrik Theater / Rote Fabrik, Zürich, 8pm, Tickets here