Looking for a female* or non-gender binary audio engineer/producer

Dear all, 

Currently we are looking for a female* or non-gender binary audio engineer/producer for our album recording, preferably in Berlin (or Zürich or in between) for Fall 2018, even Winter 2018/19. We work with digital and analog electronic elements, a drum machine, guitar and vocals. 

So far we haven’t had luck in finding someone (men seem to rule the scene…) and as we are a DIY feminist band, it would be important to find a female* or non-gender binary person to boost also visibility in the art/music world. We are also trying to make a data base of female*/non-gender binary audio engineers/producers, so in case you are not interested in producing us but want to participate in an archive let us now! 

We are sick of patriarchal shit and want to get rid of this shit! Through intersectional feminist power and solidarity, we want to dismantle patriarchy and its descendants once and for all.

We would be grateful for any leads or people who know people who could help us. 

Mail us: thekilljoyspost@gmail.com

You can find more info about our music on soundcloud:


The Kill Joys